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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chen Style Tai Chi Full Video

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How to Remember Your Dreams

Remembering your dreams can be useful. Many Rock Stars have hits that were spawned in a dream. Scientists have epiphanies in their dreams. And you can learn greatly about how to achieve your goals by listening to your dreams.

Without even having to interpret a dream, just knowing the subject matter is enough to get you an advantage hewn out of the subconscious world.

So, how do you do recall your dreams? Simple. Set your tape recorder on Voice Activation and play it back in the morning. You'll be surprised what you hear.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How to Reprogram Your Mind Through Insomnia

How To Reprogram Your Mind; Break Habits and Learn New Behaviors Through Insomnia digg it!
It happens to all of us. Those restless nights when we just can't seem to find any peace. There are simple ancient chinese ways to cure insomnia but in this case, we want to further reinforce your insomnia. Why?

Ever notice that if you haven't slept in a while, you start drifting down a thought much longer then you would normally? You may even get to a point where you're not sure what is or is not reality. This happens frequently when you are falling asleep behind the wheel driving. We are going to take advantage of this phenomenon to reprogram your mind.

Why would you want to reprogram your mind? Simple. You have behaviors, ideals, beliefs, phobias, and habits that snaked themselves into you over the years. You may even know where many of them came from. But knowing where a snake was before he bit you doesn't help one bit as an antidote. So our job is now to identify the undesirable programming and reprogram your mind.

Reprogramming your mind different from self-hypnosis in several key ways. First, hypnosis implies a certain passive "victim" condition. You more or less let a suggestion infiltrate your mind and influence you. Second, Reprogramming your mind through meditation requires full consciousness. And one of the easiest time to get into the "meditation zone" is when you are sleep deprived.

There is a tiny window twice a day where you are most succeptable to suggestion. Once when you fall asleep and the other as you wake up. If you watch TV or listen to the Radio while transitioning into and out of sleep you remember strong dreams relating to that TV Radio programming. So now, instead of letting Hollywood decide what how to program your mind, You do it.

Taking advantage of the fact that your mind flickers waveringly between conscious and unconscious, we are going to create a portal into your subconscious. The only work required on your part is to keep that portal open so that you can introduce new likes, dislikes, habits, perspectives, and ideals. Common issues sound like, "money is hard to make," "I'm no good with number," "I'm such an idiot!" "I'm not good enough."

What ever issue happens to be your personal favorite, create a new mantra. This is done by first stating the opposite. Then stating that "________ is nothingness that only has what energy I give it." Simple.

An example would be, "I am good enough to accomplish anything, good enough is nothing, good enough only has as much energy as I give to it."

The reason an Insomniac condition is useful for this uprooting and reprogramming of old beliefs is that you are already in direct contact with your subconscious. There is a tiny window of time twice a day where you are most succeptable to suggestion. One when you fall asleep and the other as you wake up.

If you watch TV or listen to the Radio while transitioning into and out of sleep you remember strong dreams relating to that TV Radio programming. So now, instead of letting Hollywood decide what how to program your mind, You do it.

Find this moment when you are lucidly sleeping in that deep REM state to introduce your new mantra. You may be amazed at who notices the new you. digg it!

More information on creating meditation mantras and keeping the conscious connected with the subconscious is available at

Monday, May 22, 2006

How To Throw Chi Balls Like Ryu In Street Fighter - PS3 in Reality - Kung Fu Lesson

How to Throw Chi Balls / Energy Fire Balls at Your Buddies Just Like PS3
Yes, this is a meditation website. It's about reaching zen centeredness and bliss through the pursuit of spirit. But today, we are going to explain how to throw a deadly chi ball.

Why? We are doing this for two reasons. First, to show that through meditation, anything is possible. Second, because we want the younger video gaming crowd to get off of ritalin and meditate because it is cool.

OK, so enough of the disclaimers. Let's get down to it.

Spiritual Basics DIGG IT!
The first thing you've got to learn to do before you can throw chi fire balls at your friends is focus. Secondly, you must be able to relax. I could write a whole chapter on this but lets move on. Last, you've got to have faith that this is indeed possible.

The faith part, we can help with. There are two main components to throwing a chi ball. You've experienced them both in your daily life already. So you've already got the faith that this works. You ever notice that if someone gives you the menacing evil eye, you feel lousy for weeks? You ever notice that if you step out into a cold breeze when you are wet or tired you catch a "cold?"

Well, these are the principles you must understand. All over Asia, if you get sick, you are said to have either caught a "cold" or a "hot." Yes, you can indeed catch a "hot" too. Catching a "hot" happens to you when you get sunburnt. You feel all hot and radiant then at night, you start shivering.

So in the same way you can sneeze and give someone a "cold," you can also "allyoucan (street fighter reference)" and give someone a "hot." This is the first principle of throwing chi fire balls. The second is that instead of giving someone the "evil eye" through eye contact, you do so with the palm of your hand. Hot chicks know all about this type of contact. Sleezy guys at clubs can make a girl feel dirty for days with just a touch.

Throughout Asia and India, the Yoga land, you can see pictures like the one above. In acupuncture, this point is called the LAO GONG Point...
Location: In the middle of the palm, between the middle and the ring fingers, adjacent to the 3rd metacarpal bone.
Indications: Stomatitis, epilepsy, chronic skin infection of the hand, hiccup.

Kung Fu Training and Actual Practice DIGG IT!
Now that you know that you've already experienced the ingredients for chi balls or energy fire balls in your common daily life, it's time to take these ingredients and blend them together to pour out a tall glass of "whoopass" on your buddies.

The first thing you've got to practice is the "evil eye" thing through your "lao gong" point. How you do this is by practicing touching people. Feel an emotion. Try opposites. Feel blissful happiness. Ask yourself, "where in my body do I feel this bliss?" (keep this pg13 please.) Then, move the bliss to the LAO GONG point (remember we said in the beginning that focus and relaxation is crucial?). You palm should tingle now. As soon as you get this tingle, touch a buddy's neck, forearm or belly while further moving the feeling into your buddy. Don't tell them what you are doing. Just notice their reaction. Now try the opposite emotion. Try tatoo worthy depression.

Works Huh?!

Ok, now for the hard part. How do you throw that at someone from long range? Let's leave this for next time. Suffice it to say for now that it requires much more training that involves candles. Try this, light a candle. Stand with your palm toward the candle and push air at it from about 1 foot away. You can chamber your palm at your hip then do a thrust to put out the candle. This ONLY works if you are relaxed. When you get really frustrated, start visualizing cold damp moisture squirting from your palm to put out the candle.

Ok, I've already divulged too much. Comment below and let me know if you want to learn more :o) and talk about this

Next Topic: Ninjitsu Lesson - How to Become Invisible for 10 minutes. DIGG IT!

How To Have Kung Fu Snake Reflexes in 30 days. HOWTO meditation and mental training

How To Have Snake like Kung Fu Reflexes to Catch Balls with Your Eyes Closed in 30 days

We all remember that scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where Chow Yung Fat / Li-Mu Bai's love interest, the hot older chick drops a hot cup of tea on ZHANG ZIYI, the hotter younger chick. ZHANG ZIYI catches the cup without spilling a drop.

This is more or less possible. And it only takes about 30 days of training.

The training requires about 1-2 hours of time per day. But the tricky part is that you'll have to learn how to think differently. Infact. you'll have to learn NOT to think. Instead, you'll have to learn how to just BE. Thinking takes time. Being is perpetual and instantaneous.

Training Equipment Digg It!
To start, all you'll need is a bean bag. Try using a big bean bag about the size of both your fists put together. As you get better, you'll be able to move down to marbles, bb's, and even hot teacups.

There are 2 reasons a bean back is the best starting tool. First, when you throw it, you can hear it. This is important because you cannot use your eyes. Visual reaction time has too much latency. Secondly, It's forgiving. there's a good tenth of a second between the first bean and the last bean to hit you.

Pre Requisite Warm Up Digg It!
This is the part that may take some time for Westerners to get used to. Practice moving your mind to different parts of your body. In America, we tend to think that our mind is in our brain. But in asia, the mind can be anywhere. So, practice taking QI or CHI or ENERGY away from everypart of your body and concentrating it on the back of your hand.

This process is meditative. If done properly, you should not be able to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel anything except every hair on the back of your hand vibrating from the wind current. This is easier to do than you think. You do it all the time already. Think of the last Superbowl. Your Wife became mute and you became Wife-tone deaf. You didn't even notice the Dorritos on your lap.

Later on, this process a can be used to put your mind into animals and see what they see but let's not get carried away here. All we are doing is teaching you to catch a teacup instantly.

Next, standing outside, find a breeze. Yes, find a breezy place like a park where you can move around flail your arms without being self conscious. Now take those super sensitive hands and feel the air vibrating the hair on the back of your hands. Make the vibrating stop by moving your hands in the same direction and speed as the wind currents.

If you've ever been in a hot air balloon, you'll know what I mean. There is NO BREEZE in the hot air balloon because it moves WITH THE WIND. In fact, from up there, you can hear everything for miles.

This process trains you to be at one. You will need this because in order to catch a bean bag with our eyes closed, you must "Be da Bag."

Lastly, highten your hearing and feeling senses. You can this by doing reverse blinking where ever you are walking. Reverse blinking is exactly what it sounds like. While you are walking, keep your eyes closed for as long as you can. Then, blink your eyes OPEN for a millisecond to re assess your location and keep moving. This also trains your photographic memory but for this lesson, just apply it to your ability to move by sound and feel instead of sight.

How to Practice Digg It!
Finally. Now that you have the idea, It's time to practice catching with your eyes closed. In the beginning, I don't recommend standing on home plate in a batting cage just yet.

Start by practicing catching the large beanbag (PICTURES ) with your writing hand. Have your strong hand palm down extended out. Then lightly toss the bean bag up so that it hits the top of your right hand on its way down. If you tense your body, the neural synaptic messages will have a hard time getting to your brain and back so relax. Let the chi flow.

The moment you feel the first bean touch the back of your hand, catch it. Do so with our eyes closed.

This is harder to do that you think. The bag will generally just bounce off your hand and hit the ground. So to catch the back with snake like timing, you must think differently. Stop thinking about catching the bag. Let the catching be a side effect of your BEING the BAG. Tell yourself that the bag is a part of your right hand. It has always been there and it always will be there like a Siamese twin.

Then, when you feel the first bean hit your hand let that bean GUIDE and LEAD YOU. Do not try to conquor it. Let it tell you how it wants to be conquored. In less "Sun Tzu Art of War Speak," what this means is that you simply follow the bean downward and match its speed. Doing so will give you eon's of more time to catch the bag. Remember to bend your knees as you follow the bag down.

You do all this with your eyes closed.

After my first month of training, I had a chance to practically apply this training at a sushi bar. I accidently elbowed a tall bottle of Kirin behind my back. It flew across the table toward the cement. Then, as if I had an out of body experience, I saw my right hand fling itself behind me and catch the bottle right side up. All this happened behind my back without any visual help.

Now, Try this with a opponent's Punch. You will amaze your friends and win over the hottest chick in the bar. Unless she is ZHANG ZIYI.

Practice this. And comment below on your questions and experience. Next Lesson, How to bounce and move like a Tiger. (This one is suuuuper simple) Digg It!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

How to Cast a Powerful Spell - Meditation Mantra

How to Cast a Powerful Spell
Casting a spell may sound like witchcraft to you but that's just because of the TV show "Bewitched!" In reality, a spell is any blessing or curse. To put this into context, in India, the Sanscrit for spell is "MANTRA."


We speak mantras and cast spells all day long. We do so in our sleep in dreams. The only difference between a Master or Wizard (same word once again) is that Wizards cast spells intentionally. The rest of humanity wastes their CHI or Qi or Ki and what little Spirit or Energy (again, Qi means Spirit means Energy) they have left, gets cast in a destructive spell.

So, the first step to learning how to cast a powerful POSITIVE spell is to have mastery over your mantras. Master your words.

To do this, for the next 30 days, reverse all your critical expressions into positive matras or spells. Some examples are:

I am an idiot
I'm soo stupid
I'm no good with names
I'm no good with math
You are a ass ----
You are a -----------
F--- You.
You suck at -----.

Turn them into:
I am a wizard.
I am soo perceptive
I'm remember names perfectly
I am a numbers guy / girl
You are a considerate person
You are a ----
Bless you.
You excell at

Try this for 30 days. Then you may be ready to learn some Mantras. Or Powerful Spells. The first step to changing reality with your words, is to be able to change your words.

HEAR: Free Mp3 - How To Cast Powerful Spells

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sex Tantra Kama Sutra - How to Have Transcendental Sex

Tantra Kama Sutra Sex and Taoist Sexology - How to Have Transcendental Sex
The European West has lost all of its ancient healing and sexual pleasure secrets. The older cultures from India and Taoist Asia still retain these metaphysical teachings and techniques. Take a peek at what you've been missing. -
FREE PRIMER: Tantra Kama Sutra Sex and Taoist Sexology - How to Have Transcendental Sex

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Meditation Mantra - How Things Move from the Spirit World To the Physical World - Beware Your Thoughts

In response to a listener question,

How things come to be... and exist on the material plane... aka... how to create your reality.

God creates.
1 John explains that:
"In the beginning, the WORD was and ... the word WAS GOD."

as an ancient Chinese Proverb Says,
"Beware your thoughts as they become your Words. Beware your words as they become your deeds. Beware your deeds as they become your habits. Beware your habits as they seal your fate."

The moment a spiritual concept passes from the spiritual world to the physical world is when the thought becomes WORDs. Emanuel of Nazareth explained, "It is not what enters into a man that defiles him, but what proceeds out of his Mouth from his heart."

So... meditate while you are walking and waking. Be aware of the words you speak. This is the gateway and portal heaven to earth. So let only beautiful things pass through. Namaste, Shalommmm, Smachalght.